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Purpose of our research group is to make clear relationships between dynamical structure and those physical propaties for molecular complex system. Our approach is to make precise measurements of dielectric relaxation in wide frequency range (1 microHz to 50 GHz ) and analyze relaxation parameters thus obtained.
Available measuring systems of dielectric relaxation measurements are commercial bridge(GR,ANDO), LCR meter(HP), NA (Agilent) original apparatuses of dc transient current (DCTC) method and time domain reflectometry ( TDR ) method. Other systems of differential thermal analysis (Perkin-Elmer,SII) and density measurement(Anton Par) are alse available. We treat several kinds of materials as assosiated liquid, liquid crystal, polymer, gel, biomolecule, biological system, and so on.
History of RGMS
Our laboratory has been established first in 1975 by late Professor Satoru Mashimo. After making some outstanding researches on polymer physics, he refined an apparatus (TDR) for microwave dielectric measurements and applied the technique for polymer science with late Prof R.H.Cole of Brown University and W.H.Stockmayer of Dartmath University in 1978.
Professor Mashimo began to have his labolatory as a research group where anybody of enterprise could participate to make researches in 1981. Unfortunately he has past away on March 29th, 1996. Our Research Group of Molecular Science continues to make studies as the originator desired earnestly.